Design & Tech

All design and tech positions for the current season are listed below. Positions are unpaid.

CLICK HERE for general job descriptions and their requirements. We require a minimum age of 18 to work in tech at the theatre.
If you would like to apply, or would like more information, contact Toni Solie at or 612-333-2919 ext. 101. You can also send resumes and portfolios to her email, or to her attention at TRP, 245 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55454.
Anti-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy: The theatre has established a policy to protect volunteers from unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Volunteers will be asked to review and acknowledge this policy.
Minors: Please read TRP’s minor policies (both minors in the company as well as those accompanying adults in the company).


Current Tech Openings

(this information changes frequently)


The Board of Directors voted to postpone Jeeves at Sea, cancelling the rest of our current season through August.

We are working on next season, which will be announced this summer.