Announcing Our 73rd Season

Upended Expectations. Unlikely Alliances. Unexpected paths.

Flexible Season packages are available for purchase July 1 – October 11, 2024.

Season 73 Poster

King Lear

A Classical Tragedy by William Shakespeare
Directed by George M. Roesler

September 13 to October 6, 2024
Individual Tickets on sale July 30  
|  Flexible Package Early Access July 1

“I am going to divide my kingdom.” An irresistible beginning to this classic story about fathers and children, property, power, and possession. Shakespeare’s tragedy about the fall and decay of the world, tells a tale of madness, tyranny, loyalty, and love.

The Unexpected Guest

A Mystery by Agatha Christie
Directed by Mary Cutler

November 22 to December 22, 2024
Flexible Package Early Access July 1  |  Tickets on sale October 8

After his car breaks down, Michael Starkwedder looks for shelter in a nearby house and stumbles upon a man shot dead with his wife standing over him, holding the gun. Unconvinced by the woman’s dazed confession, Starkwedder decides to help, but the line between friend and foe quickly blurs on this foggy night.


A Family Sports Story by Tracey Power
Directed by Sean Dooley

January 17 to February 9, 2025
Flexible Package Early Access July 1  I  Tickets on sale December 3

The year is 1933 and four friends set out to prove to Canada that hockey isn’t just a sport for men. But with the Great Depression weighing heavily on the nation and political tensions rising in Europe, can they overcome the odds, and people’s expectations, to forge their own path to glory? 

Legacy of Light

A Romantic Comedy by Karen Zacarias
Directed by Kari Steinbach

February 21 to March 16, 2025
Flexible Package Early Access July 1 I  Tickets on sale January 7

Two female scientists, living hundreds of years apart, explore the meaning of love, motherhood, family, art and science. Legacy of Light juxtaposes the true story of Émilie du Châtelet, a mathematician, scientist, and lover of the philosopher Voltaire, who became unexpectedly pregnant at 42, and that of a fictional 21st-century physicist desperately trying to conceive a child. 

Lettice and Lovage

A British Screwball Comedy by Peter Shaffer
Directed by Duck Washington

April 4 to April 27, 2025
Flexible Package Early Access July 1  I  Tickets on sale February 25

Meet Lettice Duffet: expert on Elizabethan cuisine, enthusiast of medieval weaponry, and the ever-flamboyant guide at Fustian House. Meet Lotte Schon: lover of rules, keeper of order, and straightlaced inspector from the Preservation Trust. When Lettice theatrically “embellishes” the historical past of Fustian House, Schon calls her into her office….which triggers an unlikely beginning to an unlikely friendship. 

Sanctuary City

A Contemporary Drama by Martyna Majok
Directed by Vanessa Brooke-Agnes

May 9 to June 1, 2025
Flexible Package Early Access July 1  I  Tickets on sale March 25

In post 9/11 New Jersey, two teenagers, brought to America as children, forge a friendship that becomes a sanctuary. When G becomes naturalized, she and B hatch a plan to marry so that he may legally remain in the country. But as complications mount, their intertwined lives become tangled in the realities of love, longing, and belonging in an unwelcoming country. 

Endometriosis: The Musical

A Musical Comedy by Kristin Stowell & Maria Bartholdi
Directed by Shanan Custer

June 20 to July 13, 2025
Flexible Package Early Access July 1  I  Tickets on sale May 13

Smart and ambitious, Jane is passionate about Business™ and ready to advance her career. When her success is derailed by chronic pain, she begins a journey for a diagnosis, discovering the complex, and oftentimes infuriating, realities of navigating a system built for anyone but you. A humorous and playful look at the deeply flawed world of healthcare.

Co-production with Fair School for the Arts

Theatre in the Round is pleased to announce our second co-production with FAIR School for Arts. As audience members, your support of these partnerships ensures the future flourishing of theatre in Minneapolis and the continued health and well-being benefits of art-making for young people.

Reunion (After the End of the World)

A Science Fiction Dramedy by Will Quam
A co-production with FAIR School for Arts

November 1 to 10, 2024
Flexible Package Early Access July 1  I  Tickets on sale September 24

After The Event wiped out civilization as we know it, a group of students
walled themselves in their former school to build a new society, free from
the past. But when a group of outside kids show up, the past and present
reunite in a play about what it means to be a kid in extraordinary