Theatre Membership

From its beginning in 1952, Theatre in the Round Players has been based on its membership. We are a community non-profit theatre whose members make up our Board of Directors, committees, volunteers, actors, directors, patrons, support staff, and many other aspects of TRP. Being a member allows you to express your love of TRP and get involved in other parts of the theatre that are otherwise inaccessible to the general public.

Privileges & Benefits

  • Members may vote on issues and elect members to the Board of Directors.
  • Members are invited to attend the annual meeting in September.
  • Members receive quarterly e-newsletters to stay updated on all things TRP.

Statement of Membership
As a community-based theatre, we appreciate all our members. Our members are integral to
Theatre in the Round (“TRP”). Because our members make us who we are, we have expectations
of actions for our members. We expect our members normally to be included in the following

  • Be an employee or an independent contractor that was involved in a production the
    previous season with the TRP.
  • Be an individual who has volunteered fifty (50) or more hours in the previous financial
    year (starts September 1 and ends August 31) year.
  • Be an individual who bought season tickets for the previous season.
  • Be an individual who donates a minimum of twenty dollars ($20.00) every year to TRP.
  • Be an individual on the Board of Directors.

We prefer that our members attend a minimum of one (1) show per season, but we understand
that not everyone has time to do so and would prefer to contribute in other ways. We welcome
and appreciate any and all contributions to the TRP.

We also expect our members to properly represent Theatre in the Round. in their personal and professional lives. As a community-based theatre, our members reflect Theatre in the Round and its core values. Those who do not follow the core values of TRP may result in the revocation of
their membership.

Sustaining Membership Program

If you would also like to support the theatre financially with monthly donations, you can join our Sustaining Membership Program.

photo of TRP's front facade in 2017