Mission & Values


Theatre in the Round is a community theatre that endeavors to stage engaging performances while providing an inclusive arena theatre experience in the heart of Minneapolis.



TRP aims to build seasons that provide challenge and opportunity for our artists and audiences. We honor the ongoing pursuit towards excellence and growth and work to ensure a quality experience and product and offer a supportive artistic environment.


TRP seeks to be an open entry point for participating in theatre by:  Continually educating ourselves and our audiences to the value of art that represents diverse and marginalized communities and ideas. We engage our artists and volunteers through a culture of inclusion and encouraging daring artistic expression through collaboration and conversation resulting in a stronger community. We commit to uphold and update IDE best practices at every level of our organization.


Located in the heart of Minneapolis since 1952, the TRP community belongs to anyone who wishes to create, appreciate and attend great theatre. Community members with a shared value of the theatre arts work together to create a space that serves as a resource and training ground for the larger Twin Cities theatre ecosystem, and fosters an environment of inclusion.


TRP honors our history of making financial decisions that ensure the theatre’s longevity and ability to give back to the community. At TRP, we’ve developed a culture of being responsible stewards of our resources and assets.


Volunteers are essential to TRP ’s success and are crucial at all levels of the organization. At the time of our founding, TRP committed  to creating an arts organization entirely run by volunteers: grounded in artistic excellence, self-sufficiency and accountability, and we endeavor to stay true to that vision. In return, volunteers receive a rich immersive experience: learning with, giving to, and sharing with others on the arena stage. TRP is an incubator, a place where artists and designers are welcome to practice and hone craft at any level of experience.