Front-of-House Volunteers

Volunteers work one-on-one with the public — NEEDED NOW!

graphic image of coffee being poured in a cupHOUSE MANAGERS — Responsible for the house: supervise ushers in seating audience; oversee preparation and sales of concessions. For details, CLICK HERE.

USHERS — Assemble programs; seat audience; help with concessions. For details, CLICK HERE.

BARTENDERS — Specially-trained servers sell wine and beer at our performances. For details, CLICK HERE.

BOX OFFICE STAFF — Notice will be posted here when we have openings for our box office staff!


Front-of-house volunteers receive free tickets to performances and free parking when volunteering. If you’re interested, call 612-333-2919 ext. 102 or email


Anti-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy: The theatre has established a policy to protect volunteers from unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Volunteers will be asked to review and acknowledge this policy.

Code of Conduct Policy: The theatre has established a policy. You can access this policy here.

Minors: Please read TRP’s minor policies (both minors in the company as well as those accompanying adults in the company).