John Pugh

John Pugh working in his studio

John Pugh is a California-based artist who has created more than 250 3-D murals around the world. He has been painting murals since the late 1970s. An alumnus of California State University-Chico, John is considered the leading proponent, authority, and practitioner of narrative illusionism, a term coined to describe his work.

He has received numerous public and private commissions in the United States, Taiwan, and New Zealand, but this is his first work in Minnesota. He been called the DaVinci of this kind of art — his work is striking, witty, and very realistic —  in fact, they often fool people into thinking they are real.

John Pugh’s work has appeared in articles and media worldwide including Time, Artweek, L.A. Times, New York Times, USA Today, Good Morning America, London Sun, BBC World News, San Francisco Examiner, and many more.

John works primarily out of his specially-constructed mural studio in California.


Just one example…

At this café in San Jose, a patron tried to strike up a conversation with the lady reading her book. And look at the statue in this mural — that is a painting of a statue.

31 Art Imitating Life

Chelsie detail mr art imitating detail mr


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