Covid Protocol

UPDATED 5/12/23

With the added tools to fight significant disease from COVID-19 infection, TRP has made the decision to adapt our protocols to be more responsive to current conditions and community levels of COVID-19, while maintaining a culture of care and respect for patrons, artists, staff, and volunteers.

While these policies are intended to ensure everyone at Theatre in the Round stays healthy and safe, they do not guarantee protection against COVID-19. Ticket holders assume their own risk when they enter the theater. 

We are no longer asking for proof of vaccination. See below for our mask policy.

You can check current COVID Hospitalization levels using the tool on the right. Theatre in the Round is in Hennepin County.


Masks are always appreciated in our space, as the intimacy of our venue increases risk of transmission to other patrons and our artists, which could lead to illness and/or canceled performances.

TRP reserves the right to require masks for audiences and/or participants if

  1. requested by the cast and crew, guest artists, workshop instructors, volunteer supervisors,
  2. for specially designated performances, or
  3. when current CDC Hospitalization Levels* of COVID-19 are at Medium or High.

Current mask requirements will be clearly posted on the theatre door and a mask will be provided to you as needed. Hospitalization Levels* are checked and updated on our website every Friday by 11am.

*As of May 11, 2023, The CDC is no longer calculating Community COVID-19 Levels,
but is basing current county-level COVID activity on hospitalizations.


If you feel ill or have been exposed to COVID-19, you must stay home. Contact the box office during business hours to arrange an exchange.


We are re-opening concessions for Season 71. Concessions will open 45 minutes prior to performances as well as during intermission (if applicable). The back and front lobbies will both be open during intermission to allow for more distancing while eating or drinking. Currently, only water is allowed in the arena.


For further information or questions: contact us: