Dog Logic

Weekends through March 8

It's a look into the unique mind of Hertel Daggett, a recluse who lives in a junk pile and talks to dead animals as the owner of an abandoned pet cemetery. But his monologues and philosophical musings are interrupted when a smarmy realtor uses Hertel's ex-wife and long-lost mother in a plot to develop his beloved cemetery into a shopping mall.

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The Dickens Classic

March 20 - April 12

A vivid stage adaptation of the story of Pip, and his transformation from a poor orphan to a man of means. He encounters the bizarre Miss Havisham, the convict Abel Magwitch, a mysterious benefactor, and others in his quest to become a gentleman and realize his great expectations.

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The 68th Season

Now Thru July, 2020

TRP's 68th Season follows our tradition of presenting old favorites and new titles, from classics and comedies to mysteries and a musical revue. 

The 68th Season

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