Regular ticket price is $22 ($24 for musicals).

Student Discount: on Fridays and Sundays only, students with ID pay $15.

Senior Discount: on Fridays and Sundays only, senior citizens (age 62+) pay $18.


All seats are reserved, but pre-payment is not required — you can pay for your tickets when you arrive for the show. Seating is assigned in the order we receive the reservations, so it's best to make your reservation as early as you know your plans. Tickets can be purchased at the window without a reservation — if seating is available.


If you can possibly arrange it with the others in your party, we would appreciate a single payment at the box-office window for your reservation.



~ by calling 612-333-3010, 24 hours a day for all shows.

~ OR make your reservation online:
   for Sense and Sensibility, CLICK HERE
   for Jeeves Intervenes, CLICK HERE

Payment Processing

245 Cedar Avenue • Minneapolis, MN 55454 • 612-333-3010