There are several parking options in the neighborhood.

CAREFUL: Do not park in any lot adjacent to the theatre itself. 

This is a listing only, with no endorsement/recommendation by the theatre. 

The Seven Corners Parking Ramp, next to the Courtyard Marriott, offers a reduced rate to TRP audiences. At the box-office window, pick up a voucher to reduce your parking fee. This voucher is to be used along with the ticket you received when you entered the ramp: when you exit the ramp, insert the ramp ticket, then insert the TRP voucher. (Discount vouchers are not accepted on days when there are Vikings games or other special-event parking.) If you have any difficulties or questions, please call the Seven Corners Ramp manager at 763-567-1722.

Surface pay lot behind The Corner Baracross Cedar Avenue from TRP (enter from 15th Ave). CAUTION: make sure your receipt is FACE-UP on your dashboard or they will tow you!

Surface pay lot behind Bullwinkle’s Bar (enter from 15th Ave). 

Surface pay lot off South 4th Street

Surface pay lot next to 19th Avenue Ramp (enter from South 3rd Street or Riverside Ave) 

19th Avenue Ramp located behind Midwest Mountaineering (enter from So. 3rd Street) For current rates, click here.

There are several parking spots on nearby streets. CAUTION: there may be a 2-hour maximum! If you attend a Sunday matinee, you may have to feed the meter during intermission.