“Perfect Arrangement” Auditions

directed by Alissa Blaeser


Weekends June 3 – June 26, 2022

Monday, March 21 and Tuesday, March 22, 2022 7-9pm (doors open at 6pm)

Please bring a resume and a headshot.

Auditions will consist of selected readings from the script.

Masks are required. We ask you to observe social distancing while in the building, and remain masked until you begin your audition. Director, stage manager, and audition monitors will all be masked.

Wednesday, March 23 7-9PM

The safety of TRP artists, staff, volunteers, and patrons is of the utmost importance to us. Rehearsals and performance will be in-person, indoors. All cast members must be fully vaccinated. During rehearsals, all who are not actively rehearsing will be masked. During performances, any support crew will be masked. TRP will continue to monitor vaccination rates and positivity rates in the metro area and will proceed with this project informed by guidance from Federal, State, CDC and industry guidelines to ensure a safe environment for all.

(Except as noted, roles are open to actors of all racial and ethnic identities and no roles assume the presence or absence of disability; LGBTQIA actors are strongly encouraged to audition; where possible, LGBTQIA roles will be filled with LGBTQIA actors.)

BOB MARTINDALE – 30s-40s. A WWIII veteran, reserved. A bit bookish, but a solid man’s man. Good-humored and well-mannered.

MILLIE MARTINDALE – late 20s-30s. Bob’s wife. Plays “the ditzy wife” when people are in the house, but actually very quick-witted and observant. Smart enough to maintain the act.

NORMA BAXTER – 30s. The knowing, efficient, class dame. A secretary at the State Department who could just as easily be Secretary of State. A wise woman who’s great with a wisecrack and level-headed in a bind.

JIM BAXTER – 20s-30s. Norma’s husband. A prankster type, always ready with a comeback. A high school teacher with lots of energy. A little wired, good with a plan.

THEODORE SUNDERSON – 40s-50s. The box. Bombastic, loud, a bit overbearing. A patriotic windbag.

KITTY SUNDERSON – 40s. Ted’s wife. Legitimately ditzy. Her brain seems to work on a totally different wavelength than the rest of the worlds. Very sweet, and very genuine. Just doesn’t quite “get it.”

BARBARA GRANT – 40s – A formidable opponent. No-nonsense, beautiful, brilliant, and a little scary.

Millie and Norma
Bob and Jim
Barbara and Norma
Bob and Theodore
Kitty, Millie and Bob