Unique Stage

arena2smIn 1969, Theatre in the Round moved from downtown Minneapolis to its current location in a turn-of-the-century furniture warehouse which had just lost its tenant, Bimbo’s Pizza Parlor and Dance Emporium.

Under the guidance of the architectural firm Ralph Rapson & Associates — designers of the original Guthrie and University of Minnesota theaters — workers built a unique arena stage, where the audience surrounds the action. Its 245 seats are only seven rows deep, so no seat is more than 30′ from center stage.

You’ll experience your favorite plays from a wholly new perspective — in the round.

“When they converted Bimbo’s, the theatre created excellent sightlines in its intimate arena.” St. Paul Pioneer Press

“…small cozy theatre that makes you feel like you’re there.” Spotlight

“…remarkable for its unconventional staging…” Minnesota Daily

Named “most involving space” in a review of Twin Cities’ stages:
“Theatre in the Round draws an audience into its plays as well as any theatre in town. That’s what in-the-round is supposed to do and TRP has been using it to good effect for more than 30 years.” Star Tribune, 1990

To view each section of the stage with seat numbers,