Theatre Policies

From the TRP Board of Directors:

While the theatre is dark, the TRP board has continued to meet and reflect and discuss on what theatre and Theatre in the Round will look like in the future. While it is hard to imagine the “new normal” to which we will return, we as a theater and as a community are committed to maintaining and expanding a safe and inclusive environment for our patrons, artists and staff. We acknowledge significant room for growth in these areas.

Theatre in the Round is acting to implement the following:

  • By the end of the calendar year we will have shared our revised values statements, and will continuously work towards enacting and embedding these values into the day to day operations of Theatre in the Round.
  • Create a code of conduct for all artists, volunteers, and staff to pair with our previously adopted sexual harassment policy. TRP has formed a Code of Conduct Committee to address matters such as bullying, inappropriate language and behavior, or sexual harassment on our premesis. The Committee will report its findings to the entire board for adoption at the October board meeting.
  • In returning to our organizational roots, we will relaunch and engage focus area committees. The first among these will be an artist council, comprised of theater artists from all disciplines, who will partner with TRP leadership to share ideas and provide feedback in all areas of theater programming and administration.
  • Create a multiyear strategic approach to diversifying our programming and expanding our community circle at Theatre in the Round.

We will continue to strive towards transparency and will continue to share updates on our progress as more details solidify with each monthly board meeting.


In planning your evening at Theatre in the Round, you should be aware of the following:

If you arrive late: please make sure you’re familiar with our Late Seating policies.

We post notices when aspects of our productions may affect audience members. These notices are posted on this web site (on each show’s “More About the Show” page), on signs at our box-office, and they are announced on our box-office phone line concerning:

  • special effects (such as strobe lighting, fog, gunshots, etc.)
  • explicit language and/or action; nudity
  • smoking onstage

Because of the nature of our shows, and in consideration of other audience members, children under 6 years old are not admitted.



Anti-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy: The theatre has established a policy to protect volunteers from unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. All volunteers will be asked to review and acknowledge this Policy.

Minors: Please read TRP’s minor policies (both minors in the company as well as those accompanying adults in the company).