Workshops & Seminars

Photo of volunteers at strikeTheatre in the Round offers free workshops and seminars with veteran designers, guest artists, and others as part of its mission to develop the theatre arts in the community.

Upcoming events will be offered in lighting, costumes, sets, and more. Details on these events will be posted as they become available.

For more information, email or call 612-333-2919 ext. 102.



10:30 am – noon
with Kari Steinbach, director of The Metromaniacs
and Miriam Monasch, director of Emma

Props — those hand-held, hopefully actor-proof, sometimes vintage, often abused, and frequently essential plot-propelling objects — are a familiar part of every stage production. Whether a script calls for a weapon, a sandwich, a newspaper, or a chest with a secret compartment, prop designers address a sprawling range of artistic and practical challenges. And nowhere does their work get as close scrutiny as at TRP, where audiences literally walk across the stage to and from their seats. Prop designers hold a special place in our esteem, even as they usually work in the shadows and forgo the spotlight.

Whether you’re an experienced prop designer or interested in learning more about what goes into propping a show, here’s your chance to learn first-hand about doing props at TRP.

Join us for a talk with directors in our 66th season about the prop needs of their upcoming shows. You’ll also hear from our designers about our resources and what’s involved in being a prop designer at Theatre in the Round. Volunteer design positions are open — if you’re interested and willing, we can work with you in becoming a prop designer at TRP!

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Ever wonder why some clothes or print treatments turn funky colors under stage lights? In this hands-on class, learn the difference between painting color theory and lighting color theory from designers Chad van Kekerix and Sadie Ward.

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