Postmortem Auditions

directed by Lynn Musgrave


Auditions on Monday, March 19 & Wednesday, March 21 at the theatre. Doors open at 6:00 pm and auditions begin at 7:00, and continue until everyone is seen. No appointments; people are seen in the order they arrive. The show performs June 1 through 24, 2018 (Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm; Sundays at 2:00 pm).

Auditions will be readings from the script.

CLICK HERE for the form you can fill out and bring to the audition. (Forms will also be available at the desk.)

William Gillette (40-50) — Writer and star of the play Sherlock Holmes. Excellent actor, possibly too close to the character of Sherlock Holmes, whom he has successfully played for years. Intelligent, crafty, charming, imposing. Must do an impressive Scottish accent. 

Bobby Carlyle (20-30) — An actor and man-about-town. Charming, humorous heart-throb actor in Gillette’s troupe. He is suspicious, jealous yet protective, particularly of May Dison, whom he has designs on.

May Dison (20’s) — An ingenue. Sweet young, and new to the company. She is now playing the role that Gillette’s fiancée originated. She may be hiding information from the others and her innocent demeanor hides her intelligence and determination.

Marion Barrett (40’s to 50’s) — An actress. Gillette’s witty, snarky sister. Verbally combative with both her brother and her husband. Uses humor and wit to hide her suspicions and her jealously.

Leo Barrett (50’s) — Gillette’s brother-in-law; plays Professor Moriarty. Has been married to Marion for years, yet their relationship is under strain.

Lilly Warner (60’s) — Gillette and Marion’s beloved aunt. Kind, affectionate, and caring. Often shocks the others by being bluntly truthful (and somewhat inappropriate) in her comments.

Louise Parradine (30’s) — Former member of Gillette’s troupe who did not recover well from the incident at Gillette Manor a year ago. She left the group and has become a medium. She has returned to conduct a séance.

Macready (40’s-50’s) — A butler.

May and Bobby

Macready (Gillette), Bobby, May, Marion, and Leo
Lilly, Louise, Marion, and May
Lilly and Gillette
Gillette and May
Gillette, Bobby and Leo

It’s April, 1922, and actor William Gillette, famous for portraying Sherlock Holmes for 30 years, has invited the cast of his latest play to spend the weekend at his castle home in Connecticut. When a late-night séance reveals a murder, Gillette must solve the case using everything he’s learned from playing the great detective. Popular playwright Ken Ludwig mixes suspense and humor in a show that has delighted audiences nationwide.