Emma Auditions

directed by Miriam Monasch


Auditions on Monday, November 20 & Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at the theatre. Doors open at 6:00 pm and auditions begin at 7:00, and continue until everyone is seen. No appointments; people are seen in the order they arrive. The show performs February 9 through March 4, 2018 (Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm; Sundays at 2:00 pm).

Auditions will be readings from the script. Please plan on using a Standard British accent at auditions.

CLICK HERE for the form you can fill out and bring to the audition. (Forms will also be available at the desk.)

Many actors will also double as servants and party guests during the course of the play

Jane Austen – 30ish, the witty author, amused by her own characters

Emma Woodhouse – 20ish, an attractive, intelligent and spoiled young lady

Mr. Woodhouse – 60ish, her doting father, a tender-hearted hypochondriac

Mr. Knightly – 35ish, close friend of the Woodhouse family, a handsome, proper English gentleman

Harriet Smith – late teens, a pretty and naïve protégé of Emma’s

Mr. Elton – late 20’s, the self-important rector of the local parish

Mrs. Elton – early 20’s, (eventually) his wife, crass and overbearing

Mrs. Weston – early 30’s, Emma’s former governess, sensible and intelligent

Mr. Weston – late 40’s, her new husband, amiable and outgoing

Frank Churchill – early 20’s, his son from his first wife, handsome and very charming

Mrs. Bates – 65ish, a genteel invalid

Miss Bates – 35ish, her spinster daughter, overly talkative and occasionally silly

Jane Fairfax – 20ish, her niece and Mrs. Bates’ granddaughter, talented and beautiful, but reserved

Robert Martin – mid 20’s, a respectable young farmer

Jane Austen
Emma, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Knightley
Emma, Mr. Elton
Emma, Miss Bates
Emma, Frank Churchill
Emma, Mrs. Weston
Jane Fairfax, Mrs. Elton
Emma, Mr. Knightley
Emma, Mrs. Bates, Miss Bates
Emma, Mrs. Elton, Mr. Elton
Emma, Harriet
Emma, Mr. Weston, Frank Churchill

In this lively adaptation of her famed novel, Jane Austen herself steps on stage to shepherd her delightful characters through the pitfalls and surprises that await them. Emma Woodhouse attempts to marry off her trusting young friend Harriet to all the wrong people while nearly missing out on true love herself. Set in an English county peopled with unforgettable comic characters, Austen’s comic masterpiece is one of the great beauties of the English language.