More About The Show

THIS SHOW RUNS APPROX. 2-1/4 HOURS (including intermission).

THE  HOUSE OPENS 45 MINUTES BEFORE CURTAIN. You may want to arrive early to enjoy the exhibit in our art gallery with refreshments ranging from coffee and cookies to beer and wine.

POST-SHOW DISCUSSION: Join the company of And Then There Were None for a post-show discussion following the Sunday matinee on December 3.

AUDIO-DESCRIPTION: The Sunday, December 17th performance will be audio-described, based on reservations. Click here for a description of this and other access services at TRP.




About the Show

(company members are listed at the bottom, following the interview with the director) 

Ten strangers are lured to an island mansion off the coast of England. Over dinner, a record begins to play, and the voice of their unseen host accuses each guest of hiding a terrible secret. That night, one of their number is found murdered. And then, one by one, they are killed according to a macabre nursery rhyme – until there were none. The Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie adapted this 1943 smash hit drama from her best-selling 1939 novel, one
of the most popular mysteries of all time. She considered it one of her best-crafted plays, with an ending divergent from that of the book.

BRIAN JOYCE is directing his first production at Theatre in the Round, having performed on this stage in The Matchmaker, A Few Good Men and Born Yesterday. An active member of the Twin Cities theater community, he recently directed The Crucible for Theatre Coup d’Etat and has worked with Park Square, Lakeshore Players, Shakespeare and Company, New Native Theatre, and others as an actor and director.


Interview with the Director

Q: This is your first time out directing at TRP! What interests or excites you about this project/this play?

Brian Joyce: I am excited to do this play because it is considered one of the greatest mystery plays of all time. The book on which it is based is the sixth best selling book of all time. It is this, combined with being able to work in the round that excites me.


Q: With her clever plot twists, quirky characters, dark/macabre humor, and always a mystery to solve, Christie is a very popular playwright on the TRP stage. What are the challenges to staging Agatha Christie effectively?

Brian Joyce: Working in the round means the audience sees everything that happens on the stage. In a mystery that can make staging problematic. It is a challenge that makes the project that much more exciting. We have a talented cast who will make this play live.


Q: What are the challenges to staging this particular show in the round? Are there any specific scenes or actions that will be trickier to pull off because you aren’t on a proscenium space? Have no place to hide, as it were?

Brian Joyce: Yes, there are several scenes and some technical pieces of the show that will be more challenging. You will have to come see it to know what I mean!


Q: Have you acted in this play previously? Or, if you were able to cast yourself in this show, who would you cast yourself as, and why?

Brian Joyce: No I have never acted in this play. I would say Wargrave would probably be the character I would be cast as.


Q: Some may know this play by its previous name, Ten Little Indians. Do you want to talk about the name change?

Brian Joyce: As a Native American, I am glad TRP chose to do And Then There Were None. The name change does nothing to change the plot. It simply changes the look of the ten figurines on stage.


Q: Talk about the technical design challenges, and how your designers are addressing these. 

Brian Joyce: The size of the space and its configuration make some aspects difficult, but our technical crew will create a house on a cliff overlooking a lake; a storm; and the world our actors will inhabit.



The Company

Sir Lawrence Wargrave:  Jeff Altier
General MacKenzie:  Joher Coleman
Anthony Marston:
 Corey DiNardo
Dr. Armstrong:  David F. Dubin
Mrs Rogers:  Lois Estell
Emily Brent:  Kari Elizabeth Godfrey
Fred Narracott:  Colin Healey
Vera Claythorne:
 Cate Jackson
William Blore:  Rick Lamers
Philip Lombard:  Ryan D. Maddux
Rogers:  Andrew Troth

Director:  Brian P. Joyce
Set Designer:  Philip Hoks
Costume Designer:  Deb Murphy
Lighting Designer:  Mark Halvorson
Prop Designer:  Robert J. Smith
Sound Designer:  Lynn Musgrave
Stage Manager:  Abby Schneck