TRP’s New Look!

3-D Murals are Coming to Minneapolis

South Wall(artist’s draft)

Theatre in the Round’s home has been a highly-visible landmark in the Seven Corners neighborhood for decades. And now, JOHN PUGH — one of the top artists in the world — will be transforming our century-old building with his astonishing 3-D murals.

Pugh has won international acclaim for his work in trompe-l’oeil — “to trick the eye” – an art style that uses realistic imagery, perspective, and other techniques to create a three-dimensional effect.  He has created more than 250 murals throughout the world and this will mark his first work in Minnesota. “His work is astonishing,” said Stephanie Long, president of TRP’s Board of Directors. “And he’s come up with fun and striking images for TRP that will capture world-wide attention”. For more about John Pugh, CLICK HERE.

Pugh’s designs will encompass three faces of the theatre’s century-old building. The biggest and most fantastic mural is on the south wall (shown above), which faces the new light-rail station and the main West Bank district. Talk about 3-D! This amazing globe is a literal theatre-in-the-round. Inside it, actors are playing out a scene, as stage hands and others push and roll the globe out, breaking through the wall to bring the theatre’s work into the community.

Front Wall

On the front of the building, he pays homage to TRP’s blueprint design, freshening up the blueprint and keeping its iconic neon sign that has been a beacon in the Seven Corners area for more than 30 years.

North Wall

And, on the north wall, which faces the outdoor patios and bars of Seven Corners, John  uses his signature broken wall to expose the theatre itself — including some actors in the dressing room getting ready to go on.

Pugh is currently creating the base of the murals in his Truckee, California studio and he is slated to arrive this Spring to begin installation. These murals are destined to become some of the most spectacular pieces of public art in the Twin Cities — in Minnesota — in the country!

Please CLICK HERE to give your support to TRP to help complete this amazing project.