Season Packages

A TRP Season Package is one of the best deals you’ll find anywhere!

With a Season Package, our shows cost as low as $15 each. That’s more than 30% off regular ticket prices. And you can tailor your own package with additional passes!

With every Season Package, you also get:
• a premium booklet, with coupons for refreshments at the theatre and discounts at local restaurants.
• $2 off each additional ticket you buy at the window all season long.
• the newsletter NEXT!, which previews each show.

Season Packages let YOU choose!

Use these coupons any way you want — see every show yourself, bring guests to a favorite comedy, give coupons as gifts, or see the same show again and again. You get priority seating when you reserve seats using your FLEX Pass!  $135 each (9 coupons at $15 per coupon).


a traditional SEASON TICKET
Enjoy every show from your favorite seat, set aside for you for the entire season. The season ticket locks in the date on your calendar, so there’s no need to make reservations at the last minute. And when your plans do change, we accommodate exchanges without handling fees or added costs. $144 each (9 reserved seats at $16 per seat).

With either choice, you can add passes at the rate of $17 each — tailor your own package so you get 10 tickets to the season…or 14 tickets…or more!


Order a 68th Season Package:

  • BY PHONE using your credit card — call 612-333-3010 Tues-Fri from 1-5 pm
  • ONLINE on our secure and private site:
    To order FLEX Passes, CLICK HERE
    To order a traditional Season Ticket, CLICK HERE
  • BY MAIL by printing and mailing this CLICK HERE

Sales of season packages end November 3, 2019.