Towards Zero Auditions

directed by Wendy Resch Novak


Auditions on Monday, August 12 & Tuesday, August 13 at the theatre. Doors open at 6:00 pm and auditions begin at 7:00, and continue until everyone is seen. No appointments; people are seen in the order they arrive. The show performs November 15 through December 15, 2019 (Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm; Sundays at 2:00 pm).

Auditions will be readings from the script. All actors need to use a proper British accent unless otherwise noted below.

O’Donnell – 60’s; Butler, Male, Irish.  Very set in his ways.  He believes he is in charge of the household.

Thomas Royde – 35; Male. No-nonsense, serious.  He is in love with Audrey.

Kay Strange – Late 20’s – early 30’s; Female. Glamourous, strong personality.  She is married to Neville after having an affair with him.

Neville – 34; Male. Good looking , charming, athletic.  Ex-husband of Audrey.  Currently married to Kay.

Lady Tressilian – 70’s; Female. Confined to a wheelchair.  The undisputed ruler of the household.

Collier (Collie) – 50’s; Female. Companion / caretaker to Lady Tressilian.

Audrey Strange – Early to mid 30’s; Female.  Ex-wife of Neville.  Attractive, quiet.  Left-handed.

MacGregor – 60-70’s; Female, Scottish.  Rivals with O’Donnell.

Angus – 35; Male, Scottish. Handsome, very straightforward.

Peter DeCosta – 30’s; Latino. Very handsome and charming.

Inspector Leach – 40’s; Male. Educated.

Sergeant – 30’s – 40’s; Male. More of a commoner.

Dr. Wilson – 40- 50’s; Male. Has good common sense. Down to earth, but well educated.

Kay and Neville

Collie and Lady Tressilian
Thomas and Audrey
Audrey, Neville and Kay
DeCosta and Kay
Angus and Audrey
Inspector, Angus and Neville
Inspector and Dr. Wilson
Inspector and DeCosta
Angus and MacGregor
O’Donnell and Collie
Thomas and Lady Tressilian
Lady Tressilian,O’Donnell and Collie

This compelling stage play by Agatha Christie was only recently discovered, unearthed by a researcher in 2015. The setting is Gull’s Nest, Lady Tressilian’s clifftop manor on the English seaside. When she invites her ward for a long weekend, he surprises everyone by bringing both his current wife and his old flame. And when a brutal murder interrupts the house party, the wonderful twists and turns of a true Christie script keep the audience guessing until the final moments.