Jeeves Takes a Bow Auditions

directed by Dann Peterson


Auditions on Monday, March 25 & Tuesday, March 26 at the theatre. Doors open at 6:00 pm and auditions begin at 7:00, and continue until everyone is seen. No appointments; people are seen in the order they arrive. The show performs July 5 through 28, 2019 (Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm; Sundays at 2:00 pm; and one Thursday at 7:30 pm).

Auditions will be readings from the script. Binky and Vivienne need to use a proper British accent. Ruby and Knuckles, as Americans, have heavy Brooklyn accents.

The roles of Bertie and Jeeves are reprised from TRP’s productions of the first two shows in this trilogy.

NIGEL BINGHAM-BINKERSTETH (Binky) — Bertie’s stagestruck, lovestruck chum, also residing in New York these days despite being intended for diplomatic service in Washington. Splendid fellow, from the neck down. From the collar north, solid concrete.

RUBY LEROY — an ambitious young American actress and the object of Binky’s desire, a bit of a floozy. a coarser Billy Holiday type.

“KNUCKLES” MCCANN — A tough guy of dubious reputation who had taken an active paternal interest in Miss LeRoy’s career. At least, she’s been heard to address him as “Daddy.” a mannerless Mug, Gorilla masquerading as a man.

VIVIENNE DUCKWORTH — a bespectacled, serious-minded Englishwoman on her first visit to the States. Very brainy, very strong-minded. She is all too well acquainted with Bertie and Binky and has a low opinion of both.

Ruby, Binky, Bertie, and Jeeves

Bertie, Binky and Jeeves
Jeeves, Bertie and Binky
Vivienne, Jeeves, Bertie, and Binky #1
Vivienne, Jeeves, Bertie, and Binky #2
Vivienne, Ruby, Bertie, and Binky
Ruby, Jeeves and Bertie
Ruby, Knuckles, Jeeves, and Bertie
Bertie and Vivienne
Knuckles and Vivienne
Jeeves, Binky, Ruby, and Bertie

Bertie Wooster brings his charms to America! Our hapless hero ventures across the pond, bringing only his handsome fortune, his remarkable manservant Jeeves – and, of course, his talent for trouble. He’s soon mixed up with a Broadway chorus girl, the gangster “Knuckles” McCann, and even gets engaged by mistake to the meddling Vivienne Duckworth. Can even the stalwart Jeeves save Bertie from himself this time?