“Great Expectations” Auditions

directed by George M. Roesler



Auditions on Monday, December 9 & Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at the theatre. Doors open at 6:00 pm and auditions begin at 7:00, and continue until everyone is seen. No appointments; people are seen in the order they arrive. The show performs March 20 through April 12, 2020 (Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm; Sundays at 2:00 pm).


Auditions will be a prepared monologue. No accents required. You can:
~ read a 1-2 minute monologue of your choice, OR
~ read one of the monologues below, OR
~ present a 1-2 minute memorized monologue




The cast originally consisted of six men, four women, two boys and one girl, and doubled as follows plus character age range:
Young Pip (12-15)
Young Herbert/ Stable Boy (12-15)
Young Estella/ Barmaid (15-17)
Adult Pip/ Soldier (20s)
Herbert Pocket/ Lieutenant/ Tailor (20s)
Wemmick/ Pumblechook/ Bentley Drummle (30s-50s)
Jaggers/ Compeyson/ Clergyman (30s-50s)
Joe Gargery/ Aged Parent/ Porter/ Prison Doctor (30s-40s)
Magwitch/ A Pocket (30s-50s)
Miss Havisham/ Miss Skiffins (30s-50s)
Estella (20s)
Biddy/ Clara Barley/ A Pocket (20s-30s)
Mrs. Joe Gargery/ Molly/ A Pocket (30s-40s)

Philip Pirrip, called Pip, an orphan with aspirations of one day being a gentleman. He falls in love with the cruel Estella. The narrator of the story who tells of his rise to wealth, his desertion of his true friends for that wealth and a chance with Estella, and his humbling by his own arrogance. At the end of the story he has learned wealth does not bring happiness.

Miss Havisham, (doubles w/Miss Skiffins) was deserted by her fiancé on her wedding day.  That horrible experience made her eccentric, refusing ever to leave her gloomy chambers. Instead, she has devoted her life to vengeance. With careful indoctrination, she teaches Estella how to break men’s hearts. Just before her death, she begs Pip to forgive her cruelty.

Miss Skiffins, a woman of no certain age but the owner of “portable property,” who marries John Wemmick.

Estella, the beautiful and haughty adopted daughter of Miss Havisham who taunts and attracts Pip. She does not know she is the daughter of criminals — Molly and Magwitch. She is trained to mistreat all men but after an abusive marriage grows to be a kinder person.

Joe Gargery, (doubles w/ Aged Parent) Pip’s brother-in-law, a blacksmith. Even though he is married to the worst tempered of women, Mrs. Joe, he manages to retain his gentle simplicity and his selfless love for Pip. After he marries Biddy, he finds the domestic bliss that he so richly deserves.

The Aged Parent, John Wemmick’s deaf old father. In their neat little home, his chief pleasures are reading the newspaper aloud and listening to his son’s nightly firing of a small cannon.

Mrs. Joe Gargery, (doubles w/ Molly) Pip’s abusive older sister, who berates and misuses him and Joe with impunity. When she verbally assails Joe’s helper, Orlick, she makes a mortal enemy who causes her death with the blow of a hammer.

Molly, Mr. Jaggers’ housekeeper, a woman of strange, silent habits, with extraordinarily strong hands. A murderess, she is also revealed as Magwitch’s former mistress and Estella’s mother.

Abel Magwitch, the convict on the marshes who later becomes wealthy in Australia and is the source of Pip’s expectations. He is caught trying to escape England and dies in prison with Pip by his side. He is the father of Estella and a former partner in crime with Compeyson, who betrayed him.

Mr. Jaggers, (doubles w/ Compeyson) a successful criminal lawyer. He is Miss Havisham’s personal attorney. Employed by Magwitch to provide for Pip’s future. He is a shrewd man with the ability to size up a person at a glance. To him, personal feelings are unimportant; facts are the only trustworthy things. Although completely unemotional, he deals with Pip and Magwitch honestly throughout their long association.

Compeyson, a complete villain, the man who jilted Miss Havisham and betrayed Magwitch. He is killed by Magwitch as the two struggle desperately just before the ex-convict is recaptured.

Herbert Pocket, Miss Havisham’s young relative and Pip’s roommate in London. Almost always cheerful and uncomplaining, he is constantly looking for ways to improve his prospects. With Pip’s aid, he is able to establish himself in a profitable business.

John Wemmick, (doubles w/ Pumblechook & Bentley Drummie) Mr. Jaggers’ efficient law clerk. Dry and businesslike in the office, he keeps his social and business life completely separate. As a friend, he proves himself completely loyal to Pip.

Uncle Pumblechook Joe’s pompous, self-important uncle who arranges for Pip to visit Miss Havisham’s house and who arrogantly assumes himself to be the reason for Pip’s good fortune.

Bentley Drummle, called The Spider, a sulky rich boy notable for his bad manners. He is Pip’s rival for Estella’s love. After marrying her, he treats her cruelly. Pip meets Drummle while Mr. Pocket is tutoring him.

Biddy, (doubles w/ Clara Barley) the young girl from Pip’s night classes who helps with Pip’s sister after the attack and later marries Joe. She is Pip’s early confidant and understands him well enough to see through him.

Clara Barley, a gentle, pretty, young woman engaged to Herbert Pocket. She does not care about noble lineages and marries Herbert after her father dies.

Young Pip

Young Estella

Young Herbert.


A vivid stage adaptation of the story of Pip, and his transformation from a poor orphan to a man of means. He encounters the bizarre Miss Havisham, the convict Abel Magwitch, a mysterious benefactor, and others in his quest to become a gentleman and realize his great expectations. The action moves deftly from scene to scene in this crisp re-telling of the famous tale by Charles Dickens.